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Soleil Brasserie is a culinary sanctuary nestled within the heart of Hotel Claude
Our brasserie

Named after the radiant sun that kisses the shores of Marbella, Soleil Brasserie promises a journey through exquisite flavours and refined dining experiences. The brasserie embodies the essence of its namesake, capturing the warmth and vitality of the Mediterranean sun in every dish.

As guests step into Soleil Brasserie, they are greeted by an ambiance that seamlessly blends historical grandeur with contemporary flair. The décor echos the lavish tastes of its diners, with gilded accents and plush furnishings adorning the space.

The menu

The menu, curated with meticulous care, offers a symphony of flavours inspired by the bountiful produce of the Andalusian region. From succulent seafood harvested from the azure waters of the Mediterranean to tantalising tapas bursting with Spanish flair, each dish is a culinary masterpiece crafted to tantalise the senses.

Guests indulge in culinary delights as they bask in the ambiance of Soleil Brasserie, their palates transported on a journey through the vibrant tapestry of Spanish cuisine.
Amidst the historic charm of Hotel Claude, Soleil Brasserie emerges as a beacon of gastronomic excellence and a celebration of the culinary treasures of Marbella. In this haven of indulgence, every meal is not just a dining experience but a cherished memory, destined to linger in the hearts of guests for years to come.