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18 July, 2023 |
Hotel Claude Marbella in

The first boutique hotel in Marbella is considered to be Hotel Claude, which creates a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere by combining its interiors and art. The hotel is known for its rich history, as it was once the home of Eugenia de Montijo, the Empress of France and wife of Napoleon III. Later, in the 1970s, it became the refuge of French opera singer Claude Devoize and her husband Don Juan Berjano, who made it their home.

The heart of the hotel is its marble patio, and on the rooftop terrace, guests can enjoy a romantic view of the bustling old town of Marbella. The grandeur and luxury of the hotel are evident in both its history and decor. Another noteworthy aspect of the hotel is that it welcomes children of any age.

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