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1 March, 2020 | Activities
Dali in Marbella

The Avenida del Mar is an important avenue that leads to the Mediterranean. It used to be part of the great Alameda Park which covered almost a quarter of its area. It was a place for walks and meetings of the society of the time, where the lords of the city came to show off their economic and social power with their bodyworks in the most important festivities. 

Today, it is still a place for walking and meeting thanks to the great sculptures by the famous artist Salvador Dalí. In the central part of the avenue there are nine sculptures that are the fruit of the ingenuity of the brilliant Catalan artist.

The sculptures were built from smaller originals and turn this promenade in Marbella into a real open-air museum.

‘Hombre sobre delfín’, ‘Don Quijote sentado’, ‘Mujer desnuda subiendo’, ‘Elefante Cósmico’, ‘Caballo con jinete tropezando’, ‘Gala asomada a la ventana’, ‘Mercurio’, ‘Gala Gradiva’ and ‘Perseo’. The statue called ‘Libertad’ completes this exhibition and is found alone at the entrance to Puerto Banús.

If you spend a few days in Marbella you cannot miss the sculptures of the father of surrealism, you will certainly not be indifferent.